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This Memorial Day I Shall Celebrate Freedom!

As we approach this upcoming Memorial Day weekend we think of those who are serving or have served to protect our freedoms. Like many of you, I have many relatives who have served during both war and peace, including my nephew, father, and grandfather. I’m proud of my family members for their service and thankful [...]

Dealing with Stress

It’s been a long week, and it’s only Thursday morning! What makes that even worse is that I only work Tuesday through Friday, so I’ve only really completed half my work by this hour on Thursday morning. Still, work has been crazy. I decided to entitle one day, “An Investigation in to Burping and Farting” [...]

A Day in the Life…

Many people don’t know what to expect when going to a clothing-optional campground. I know that I didn’t!!! Though I’d been camping numerous times, I wondered for quite a while what nude camping would be like and how it would be similar to and different from my former camping experiences. At my camp we have [...]

I’ve Got Friends in Nude Places

I’m very lucky this week. So are many others. Why? MY CAMP OPENED! That’s right, Juniper Woods is open for the season. This is my favorite resort in the world and I’d invite everyone to grab their towel and sunscreen to join me at the happiest place on earth. Juniper Woods is a beautiful campground [...]