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Capture the Moment

These days, I’m going a lot of things with pictures.  I received a digital camera for Christmas and have been playing around with taking some nature shots.  On top of that, I put together a hardcover book through an online book-making service to create a story of my mom’s life for her birthday today.  (She [...]

Middle School Misery

Did you know that the most failed class in Middle School (according to two social workers that I’ve recently spoken to who work in Middle Schools) is physical education?  It is.  And do you know WHY it is that so many kids are failing physical education?  Go ahead- guess! If you guessed the reason to [...]

Getting Along

I’ve been rather sad lately, and that’s very unlike me. The reason for this sadness is the dissent I’m seeing in the nudist community. To me, nudism is freedom and acceptance. I see nudists as people who can love and care about people regardless of how dissimilar they are. This has been my experience in [...]